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The waterproofing system that you use for your home or business can make the difference between a dry basement and one that floods every time it rains.

Here at Waffen Waterproofing Singapore, we are a waterproofing contractor and specialist that specialized in waterproofing services, including damp proofing, foundation repair, wall crack injection and roof leak repairs.

We have been in the business for almost 10 years and with our economies of scale and expertise, we are able to offer high quality waterproofing services at affordable price. Our team of professional technicians are well trained to deliver excellent customer experience from quotation till job completion.

Why You Should Choose Waffen Waterproofing
As Your Waterproofing Specialist

Qualified technical personnel

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Responsible top management ensures that the supervisors and workers are well trained and qualified. All supervisors, technical personnel and workers needs to undergo continuous practical trainings and courses provided by BCA and other relevant authorities.

Accreditation Company from BCA

Waffen Waterproofing is registered and accredited by BCA (Building and Construction Authority) under CR13 (Waterproofing and installation).

Safety First

The company adopt on a safety first mentality. The company has been awarded the bizsafe level 3 recognition by the Workforce Development Authority.

Reliable before and after sales service

Whether it is before sales or after sales services, we always provide the best we can to our customers in terms of services, work quality and personnel attitude. Warranty period of 12 months will be provided to rectified areas.

Our Waterproofing Solutions

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Responsible top management

Qualified technical advisor

Experienced workers

Detailed on-site inspections

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