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About Balcony Waterproofing

In Singapore’s climate, the balcony is often the most vulnerable component of a building, since it is subjected to the elements. Because of high rainfall and water runoff from balconies, interior damage and other structural issues may be expensive to repair.

One of the most essential jobs is to waterproof your balcony. This is due to the fact that the balcony is continuously exposed to weather and temperature swings. As a result, if your balcony isn’t properly maintained, it may develop leak problems later on. Because balcony designs in Singapore are governed by strict rules, they tend to be rather uniform in terms of construction and design. Our staff is experienced with the building specifications and will be able to resolve any waterproofing concerns using their vast amount of practical knowledge.

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Why Choose Us To
Solve Your Balcony Waterproofing Issue

Accurate Leak Detection

We identify the root cause of your leakage issue, which means that you only pay for what is necessary

Latest Technology

We employ the latest technology in the market and materials in the field of waterproofing engineering

Cost-effective Solutions

We offer cost-effective solutions catered for both residential and commercial clients

F.O.C on-site inspection

Only our consultants and managers are allowed to give the onsite inspection; this is to ensure that recommendations & quotation are given accurately

12 Months Warranty

We provide warranty period of 12 months to rectified areas to give our customers a peace of mind

Experienced BCA Approved Contractor

We are accredited Building & Construction Authority contractor. Therefore we have our responsibility to ensure all work abide to the authority quality guideline.

Our Methodology

balcony waterproofing methodology singapore

(1) Accurate Non-invasive Leak Detection

(2) Non-invasive waterproofing methods applied – to rectify the existing leak problem

If the existing membrane is damaged, we would apply our liquid repair membrane, which is then injected beneath the tiles on the balcony to assist with grouting. Then, using our special grout, the porous and deteriorated grout in the joints is then replaced (where gaps between tiles are sealed).

(3) Balcony repair if necessary (complete de-grout of the entire balcony)

(4) Helping with your balcony’s drainage efficiency

Water should flow freely and swiftly through the drainage, rather than being absorbed by the floor and wall surfaces. Our experts will examine your balcony’s drainage efficiency to look for any hidden problems.

Signs of Balcony Leakages

Peeling Paints

signs of balcony leakage - cracks

Cracks In Walls or Flooring

signs of balcony leakage - stains mould

Stains & Mould Seen In Parts Of Your Balcony

signs of balcony leakage - Efflorescence

Efflorescence Seen

(White chalky looking deposits seen)
(Indicating that the drainage is not operating optimally)


About Us

We are a locally registered company that provides the waterproofing services as the main core business and core service. Other services that complement to waterproofing are also provided so that we are able to service customers with under one roof and one point-of-contact service.

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Common Questions About
Balcony Leakages In Singapore

Q: What Are The Different Types of Balcony Waterproofing

(1) Concrete Balcony Waterproofing

If your balcony has a concrete finish, the waterproofing membrane is likely to wear out over time without adequate protection.

However, because concrete balconies are so robust, they should not be a cause for concern. We can use a variety of preventative methods to safeguard concrete balconies from the elements. To avoid the inconvenience and expense of hacking operations as well as waste disposal, a preventive system may be applied over the current concrete surface.

(2) Balcony Tiles Waterproofing

Tiles are prone to fractures and resulting water seepage problems.

For situations like these, it’s necessary to use a specific sort of coating to waterproof the entire surface by applying a preventative coat that avoids water leak repair.

In some situations, by applying waterproofing to the tiled surface with water-resistant coatings, seepage may be prevented.

However, if the grout has rusted, this is not advised. A completely new waterproofing system would be required to repair the existing tiles after hacking them.

(3) Exterior Balcony Waterproofing

Exterior balconies require effective drainage and water run-off to prevent pooling and stagnation.

To avoid more hassle, the balcony should have proper drainage incorporated into the downpipes to ensure that water is drained safely away.

Q: Why Do Balconies Experience Leakages?

Because balcony floors are exposed to the elements, they are especially susceptible to deterioration. Whether your balcony is tiled, plank-style or any other form of finish, weather conditions can wear down your structure over time.

At times, due to wear and tear, the balcony internal concrete can get cracked up and damaged as well – this is where those cracks need to be sealed.

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