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About Floor Leakages

Leakages in the floor are one of the most common problems that homeowners face. Water seeps through cracks and holes in the floor and causes damage to the flooring and the foundation of the house. Floor waterproofing is a process that helps to prevent water from seeping through the floor and causing further damage to other parts of the premise.

Floor waterproofing helps to extend the lifespan of your floors, and other assets. It also helps to enhance the aesthetic of your place, and minimise the negative impact of mould growth, etc.

Floor Waterproofing Solution In Singapore - Waffen Waterproofing
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Why Choose Us To
Solve Your Bathroom Waterproofing Issue

Accurate Leak Detection

We identify the root cause of your leakage issue, which means that you only pay for what is necessary

Latest Technology

We employ the latest technology in the market and materials in the field of waterproofing engineering

Cost-effective Solutions

We offer cost-effective solutions catered for both residential and commercial clients

F.O.C on-site inspection

Only our consultants and managers are allowed to give the onsite inspection; this is to ensure that recommendations & quotation are given accurately

12 Months Warranty

We provide warranty period of 12 months to rectified areas to give our customers a peace of mind

Experienced BCA Approved Contractor

We are accredited Building & Construction Authority contractor. Therefore we have our responsibility to ensure all work abide to the authority quality guideline.

Our Methodology

floor waterproofing our methodology
  1. Accurate Non-invasive Leak Detection
  2. Applying grout or waterproofing coating to floor perimeter
  3. Repairing of the waterproofing membrane (if needed)
  4. Waterproofing done for subfloors
  5. Waterproofing done for bathroom floors
  6. Waterproofing done for other floor areas (e.g. balcony floor)

Common Signs of Floor Leakages

Common Signs Of Floor Leakages​1

Mould and Algae Growth

Odour Experienced
(Pipe Relating Leakage)

Common Signs Of Floor Leakages​3

Ceiling Leakage
(Unit Floor Above)

About Us

We are a locally registered company that provides the waterproofing services as the main core business and core service. Other services that complement to waterproofing are also provided so that we are able to service customers with under one roof and one point-of-contact service.

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Common Questions About
Floor Leakages In Singapore

Q: How Do You Fix a Leaking Concrete Floor?

Start with ensuring you have a proper drainage system to minimise the damage.

Proceed to determine the source of the leak.

If the leak is caused by a small fracture or minor crack, it can be cured with a membrane or epoxy resin applied to the outside of the foundation into the cracks. The waterproofing operation will then precisely target the area to be treated.

If the foundation walls have more serious flaws or flaws, the whole waterproofing may need to be reviewed and possibly replaced.

Q: How To Handle Leakage From Upper Floor

If the leak is caused by a water supply line/drain line, it must be repaired first.

If your flooring is damaged, you may need to replace your flooring tiles. You have to also ensure that waterproofing be done with the flooring tiles installation.

If you notice a damp spot that persists off and on on the ceiling, there’s a 99 percent chance the drain pipe is leaking. You may need to get your pipe checked and repaired.

If your neighbour’s flooring is the issue and is affecting your ceiling, then other than checking on your ceiling, your neighbour may need to get their flooring fixed as well.

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