Can a Leaky Ceiling Make You Sick?

Can a Leaky Ceiling Make You Sick?

Imagine you noticed that you’re slowly developing a sore throat and feeling under the weather, but you haven’t done anything out of the ordinary lately. Then you notice a patch of the ceiling in your bathroom growing mouldy and beginning to show signs of a leak. You put two and two together – could you be falling ill because of the mould and leak? Yes, that is one possible factor that could have made you sick. So, you quickly call a ceiling repair service to mend the leak and you immediately feel your symptoms going away.

Thankfully you noticed the leak while it was still repairable and it had not affected you too badly yet. It is always wise to observe changes in your living environment when feeling ill so that you can catch things like a leaky ceiling early. This will save you money on repairs and protect you from further health implications.


Possible Health Hazards From A Leaky Ceiling


1) Mould and Fungus

When water seeps into your home from a roof leak, it creates an environment that is ripe for mould and fungus to take root and spread. Inhaling mould and fungus spores can lead to a variety of respiratory ailments, such as asthma and allergies.

There is also a possibility of getting throat irritations and developing a cough or sore throat. Different people have different tolerance levels for mould and fungus and if your tolerance is low, it can cause severe reactions.

Certain varieties of mould produce mycotoxins, which can be toxic to humans and animals alike. Those exposed to these rare moulds may suffer neurological damage as a result.


2) Bacterial Infections

A leaky ceiling not only invites water damage and costly repairs, but it can also lead to the propagation of bacteria.

As a result, those living in the house may fall ill due to bacterial infections such as Legionnaires‘ disease arising from leakage issues.


3) Electrical Hazards

Water leakage can be a major safety risk, as it could potentially come into contact with wiring or other electrical components, resulting in electrocution.

Though not technically considered a sickness, getting injured due to overlooked electrical hazards is something we should all avoid. Even minor cases of shock may cause burns and discomfort; however, the most extreme scenarios have even been known to be fatal. You must refer to an expert electrician should you find water near any form of electrical equipment – never attempt to solve this problem yourself.


4) Slips and Falls

A leaky ceiling can also lead to water dripping onto the floor, creating a tripping hazard. Walking on wet floors is an invitation for trips and falls that can potentially lead to other physical injuries.

To avoid such accidents, it is best to switch out the bucket used for collecting water regularly to prevent it from overflowing. Furthermore, mopping up any spillage quickly will keep your floors dry and safe from slips. If these hazards are neglected or ignored, sometimes the collection of water causes floor surfaces like wood to buckle and bubble over time; ultimately leaving you with a long-term tripping hazard if left unchecked.



While not all ceiling leaks will create health issues, they still need to be addressed quickly to prevent any potential risks.

If left unaddressed, a leaky ceiling can lead to an array of hazardous conditions that could jeopardize your well-being – so make sure the area is well-ventilated and promptly take care of any unforeseen leakage you may encounter.

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