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About Swimming Pool Waterproofing

The most common misconception is that a pool leak is caused by plumbing problems. Although this happens on occasion, it is relatively unusual and quickly resolved by utilizing a pipe pressure testing equipment to check for faulty pipes, followed on with little excavators to dig out the pluming lines until they are at a safe depth.

Other common issues could be relating to: Filter pressure or your filter flow rate. Algae can block the filter, and a reduction may be caused by blocked suction lines or faulty hardware. The goal is to clean the algae from your filter, unblock blocked suction lines, and replace defective hardware.

Waterproofing, however is one of the most critical component of the structural works required when building a pool, it is not done properly, leakages are bound to happen. Here at Waffen Waterproofing, we help to provide a reliable waterproofing solution for your pool, as well as re-waterproofing if the membrane starts to wear off.

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Components In a Swimming Pool

swimming pool waterproofing - swimming pool structure and parts

Common Pool Leakages Types In Older Swimming Pools
And How We Address Them

swimming pool plumbing leaks

Plumbing Leaks

We pressure-test pipes and employ our own earth excavator to dig trenches to ensure that they are at a safe depth. We try to keep all pool services from being enclosed within a single service trench, and we search for our pool plumbing lines near the pool shell. Finally, we frequently backfill over our plumbing lines with minus screenings or loose sand.

swimming pool penetration leaks

Penetration Leaks

We employ an epoxy solution to seal all of our pipes cracks and penetrations. If needed, we will utilize swell-able water stops (rubber compound which expands when exposed to moisture, forming a seal in concrete construction joints).

swimming pool structural leaks

Structural Leaks

We fit a multi-component sprayed membrane to be integrated into the swimming pool structure. It acts as an impermeable membrane lining integrated with the tiling process.

swimming pool clogged filters

Clogged Pool Filters

Our team will clear the filter of algae and debris to ensure that the flow rate is optimal. We will also replace defective hardware if necessary.

Our Methodology

balcony waterproofing methodology singapore

(1) Draining out water from the pool


(2) Tile removal to view underlying concrete bed (if total repair is needed)

We may apply epoxy or grout to seal and cracks and to stop leaks if needed.

(3) Touching up of concrete be


(4) Applying waterproofing coating and solution


(5) Apply fiber mat to wet resin – ensuring that they are saturated together


(6) Apply final seal for protection

The resin and protection coating can come in various colours to avoid any tile reinstatement, thereby saving additional costs.

Why Choose Us To
Solve Your Swimming Pool Waterproofing Issue

Accurate Leak Detection

We identify the root cause of your leakage issue, which means that you only pay for what is necessary

Latest Technology

We employ the latest technology in the market and materials in the field of waterproofing engineering

Cost-effective Solutions

We offer cost-effective solutions catered for both residential and commercial clients

F.O.C on-site inspection

Only our consultants and managers are allowed to give the onsite inspection; this is to ensure that recommendations & quotation are given accurately

12 Months Warranty

We provide warranty period of 12 months to rectified areas to give our customers a peace of mind

Experienced BCA Approved Contractor

We are accredited Building & Construction Authority contractor. Therefore we have our responsibility to ensure all work abide to the authority quality guideline.

About Us

We are a locally registered company that provides the waterproofing services as the main core business and core service. Other services that complement to waterproofing are also provided so that we are able to service customers with under one roof and one point-of-contact service.

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Common Questions About
Pool Leakages In Singapore

Q: How long does it take to resurface a pool?

Pool projects that require just tile and plaster (or a stone aggregate surface) can be completed in 3 ~ 4 days. Pool projects that require more extensive work, with the coordination of additional contractors (deck resurfacing for example) will take more time.

Q: How long will it take to remodel my pool?

The length of time a pool will be under construction for renovation is directly related to the extent of the work we are performing.

Pools that are being refinished with plaster can be operational in three days or less. Pools that require tile and coping or are being extensively remodelled require additional construction time.

Q: Are there any phases of construction, which are more messy?

While we do our best to minimise the impact on the area surrounding your pool, a remodelling site may be dusty. As a result, while construction is underway, we recommend that pool chairs and potted plants be relocated away from the pool region. It is also advisable to keep windows shut near the pool for the duration of the renovation project.

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