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About Bathroom Leakages

Leaks in older structures typically begin in toilets and bathrooms. This is due to the fact that over time, the waterproofing membrane on the floor deteriorates or wears out.

Water then starts to seep in through the gaps between the tiles which might eventually penetrate the slab and intrude in to the room below, causing damage to affect ceiling and other parts of the premise.

Deterioration of the ceiling can be observed with changes in colour, owing to wet cement of peeling paint. In the long run, it can lead to the development of toxic mould and electrical hazard. As a result, effective waterproofing is critical to the health and safety of residents.

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Why Choose Us To
Solve Your Bathroom Waterproofing Issue

Accurate Leak Detection

We identify the root cause of your leakage issue, which means that you only pay for what is necessary

Latest Technology

We employ the latest technology in the market and materials in the field of waterproofing engineering

Cost-effective Solutions

We offer cost-effective solutions catered for both residential and commercial clients

F.O.C on-site inspection

Only our consultants and managers are allowed to give the onsite inspection; this is to ensure that recommendations & quotation are given accurately

12 Months Warranty

We provide warranty period of 12 months to rectified areas to give our customers a peace of mind

Experienced BCA Approved Contractor

We are accredited Building & Construction Authority contractor. Therefore we have our responsibility to ensure all work abide to the authority quality guideline.

Our Methodology

bathroom waterproofing methdology
  1. Accurate Non-invasive Leak Detection

  2. Applying grout solution of the bathroom perimeter, wall to wall junctions and joints

  3. Repairing of the waterproofing membrane

  4. The shower cubicle’s wall grout is then coated with a penetrative sealant

  5. We speed up the process to ensure your shower is ready within the same day

Signs of Bathroom Leakages

'New' Noise Coming Out From The Tank After Flushing

‘New’ Noise Coming Out From The Tank After Flushing

Floor Stain Around The Toilet Bowl

Water Collecting At The Base Of The Toilet Tank

signs of bathroom leakage 4

Smell of Sewage
(Vent Pipe Issue / Loose Seal)

signs of bathroom leakage 5

Difficulty In Flushing The Toilet Bowl
(Waste Pipe / Clogged Rim Jets)

Difficulty Releasing The Flushing Lever
(Faulty Flushing Mechanism)
(Broken Handle)
(Drainage Issue)

About Us

We are a locally registered company that provides the waterproofing services as the main core business and core service. Other services that complement to waterproofing are also provided so that we are able to service customers with under one roof and one point-of-contact service.

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Common Questions About
Bathroom Leakages In Singapore

Q: Typical Causes of Bathroom Leakages

Common bathroom leakages include: leaking water pipe, damaged tile, faulty shower faucet, clogged drain, damaged waterproofing membrane, drainage issues, etc.

Water will seep through gaps and fractures in your waterproofing system, causing water damage to other areas of your home.

Q: Different Methods To Repair Bathroom Leakages

If the issue isn’t a big issue, a plumber might be sufficient.

The most frequent approach is to hack the existing floor coverings and replace the floor tiles after re-installing the cement and waterproofing membrane (can be costly and not as efficient).

Infusion is a non-hacking waterproofing method that effectively waterproofs foundations without the need for hacking or other invasive procedures. The infusion technique uses waterborne waterproofing chemicals to seal off concrete and masonry substrates.

Waterproofing experts would employ key diagnosis issues such as:

> Pressure Test (A pressure gauge machine clearly displays whether the water pressure in the shower is adequate. Low pressure readings are a sign of a plumbing issue)

> Moisture Detection (Thermal imaging and moisture measuring equipment are used to assess water accumulation behind tiles, in shower walls and floors, and other such elements)

> Structure Assessment (To access if it is a structural issue)

> Water Penetrating Test (A flood test is a type of inspection that examines the issue area outside the shower, such as water damage to the bathroom floor or adjacent rooms, carpets, and other surfaces.) 


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