Ceiling Leakage Repair

Ceiling Leakage Repair

A leaking ceiling can be a nightmare. Not only does it ruin your interior design, but it also causes damage to the structure of your property and is extremely costly to repair.

A leaking ceiling can lead to water damage, mould growth and even structural damage if left untreated.

Waffen waterproofing has many years of experience repairing all types of leaks including those caused by plumbing issues, roofing malfunctions or cracks in the walls. Our team has the skills you need for your home or business. 

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We offer a wide selection of ceiling leak repair services to fit your specific needs. We can help you select the best products for your budget and situation, whether it’s long-term or short-term solutions. Our skilled staff takes pride in completing projects promptly and to the highest possible standard, resulting in satisfied stress-free customers.

We recommend early intervention to minimise any form of roof or wall damage, and furniture water damage.

Signs of Ceiling Leakages

signs of water leakage - 1 actual sightings

Actual Sighting of leakage

signs of water leakage - 2 stains

Dark Stain On Ceiling or mould

signs of water leakage - 3 peeling paint

Peeling Paint

Why Engage Us
For Ceiling Leakage Repair

Leak Detection

We provide professional leak detection services to trace the source of water leakages

Latest Technology

We employ the latest technology and materials in the field of waterproofing engineering

Cost-effective Solutions

We offer cost-effective solutions that best fit your purpose and solves leakage issues efficiently

Key Benefits of Getting Your Ceiling Leakage Fixed

We are a locally registered company that provides the waterproofing services as the main core business and core service. Other services that complement to waterproofing are also provided so that we are able to service customers with under one roof and one point-of-contact service. 

Our consultants are more than experienced to diagnose the right type of leakage you are facing, and suggest the most suitable water leakage solution for you.

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Common Questions About
Ceiling Leakages In Singapore

Q: Is water leaking from ceiling an emergency?

2 signs that call for an emergency would be: discolored internal ceilings, and multiple leaking spots that can be seen.

If the color of your ceiling begins to fade, it’s an indication that your roof is leaking. If the bad weather persists for a few days, the leak might grow in size and release a deluge of water into your ceilings.

Q: How do I report a leak in HDB ceiling?

Owners of upper and lower floor flats in HDBs share responsibility for the structures of their respective flats. This includes the floor and ceiling slabs. If your slab needs to be replaced, you and your neighbor must collaborate to do so and split the cost.

Leakages coming from the roof of the block and is part of the common shared property maintained by the town council, where you can contact the town council to rectify the leak instead.

Q: How do I find the source of my ceiling leakage?

If leaks that happen regularly in all types of weather and rain are outside, it is an indication that the leak comes from somewhere inside the house. Leaks that only occur when it rains indicate that the moisture is in response to the rain.

To discover the exact source of the leak, you’ll need access to the attic. A brief visual examination may reveal where the leak is when you get there. Look for water damage on the roof’s underside. The wood might be stained a dark color, or mold growing in light or dark colors could be visible.

Finding a leak in an attic that is covered with insulation might be more difficult. Visit the location in your home where you believe the leak to be. Remove insulation from around your house, including both on the floor and on the ceiling, in order to discover indications of water damage.

If there are any pipes in the same vicinity as the leak, check them for damage or corrosion. The signs of distress in leaking pipes may be obvious, such as cracks or holes. In some circumstances, the symptoms of stress may be more subtle. Check for dampness on the pipe with your hands.

If you can’t see any pipes in the region where you believe the leak to be, it’s more probable that the problem is coming from a hole in the roof.

Q: How much the water leakage repair cost in Singapore?

It really depends on the nature of your leakage, and the type of leakage you are experiencing.

For instance, bathroom plumbing rates can range from $60 to $300 depending if: you need to clear a clogged toilet bowl, or replace a bottle trap for sink, or etc.

Water leakage detection – of concealed pipes can cost anywhere from $150 to $250 and above, depending if your property is a HDB, condominium or landed property.

The factors affecting the cost would be: the complexity of the job, the urgency of the job, and the additional cost that might be involved, which includes: replacement, installation, other waterproofing add-ons.

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