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Fixing a toilet leak can be a very tricky task, especially if you have no idea what to do.

This is why we are here! We will help you fix your toilet leak in the easiest and most affordable way possible. Our technicians are highly trained and ready to get your home back on track with our plumbing services.

At Waffen Waterproofing, we offer fast and affordable toilet leakage repair services to all homeowners in Singapore who need help dealing with their leaky toilets. Our waterproofing specialists are highly experienced – to help you decipher if there are other areas of your premise that is contributing to the toilet leak.

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Toilet leakage is mainly caused by a lack of water flow or waste disposal issues with the toilet pipes or tank that do not flush waste properly. In addition, if there is any damage or crack in the toilet bowl, it will also allow water to seep through, thereby causing a leakage in the toilet.

Signs of Toilet Leakages

toilet leakage signs - Noise coming out from the tank after flushing

Noise coming out from the tank after flushing

Signs of Toilet Leakages - Floor stain around the toilet

Floor stain around the toilet

Signs of Toilet Leakages - Water collecting at the base of the toilet tank

Water collecting at the base of the toilet tank

Smell of sewage

Signs of Toilet Leakages - Difficulty in flushing the toilet bowl

Difficulty in flushing the toilet bowl

Difficulty Releasing the Flushing Lever

Why Engage Us
For Toilet Leakage Repair

Accurate Leak Detection

We provide professional accurate leak detection services to trace the source of water leakages

Long-term Solutions

Everything that we do - from using the latest technology and materials aim at improving our clients' quality of life in the long-term. In addition our scope of work extends to waterproofing.

Cost-effective & Affordable

We offer cost-effective solutions that best fit your purpose and solves leakage issues efficiently

How To Determine a Toilet Leak

1) Remove the tank cover & turn off the water

2) Pour dye capsules into the tank (leave it for 30 minutes to 2 hours)

Other than dye capsules, other alternatives would include: instant coffee or Kool-Aid.

If dye appears in your bowl, that indicates a leaking toilet.

If there are no ink traces inside, that means that there is a low chance that your toilet is leaking.

3) Mark the water in the tank

If you know that there is a leak, draw a line to mark where the highest point of the water is present in the tank. Proceed to shut off the water supply, and observe. If the water eventually drop below the line, it means that the flush valve is the one causing the toilet leakage, instead of the refill valve attached to the water supply.

Common Causes / Types of Toilet Leakage

(1) Faulty Pipe

Water might begin to seep from the pipe into the toilet starts to wear off and is no longer tightly sealed. If the rubber joining the two pipes is also loose, water will seep through to the toilet floor.

(2) Faulty Tank

The tank is the container that holds water for your toilet. If it has any cracks, water will seep through it. Because the tank continues to fill with water, the leaking problem will continue to exist.

(3) Faulty Flapper

If the float switch is submerged in water, this will cause toilet flooding. Because water continues to enter the cistern after the valve has been closed, flooding will occur. The flapper must be replaced.

(4) Unsecured Rubber Rings (affects connections)

Toilets with rubber rings that are not properly installed will leak water. It is critical to secure the rubber linings, since loose connections can lead to leaking.

(5) Faulty Float

There may be a leak due to a defective float ball that floats on water and closes the valve. If the float is not checked regularly, it might fail to close the toilet valve when full, resulting in leaks.

(6) Accumulation of Chemicals

Water can seep through the tank to the toilet before or after flushing, depending on how much chemicals accumulate. Water loss is determined by how long the toilet has been broken and how much water is allowed to seep.

Common Causes / Types of Toilet Leakage - 2
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Common Questions About
Toilet Leakages In Singapore

Q: What is the most common toilet leak?

The most frequent toilet leak is due to a damaged or defective flush valve (flapper) ball at the bottom of the toilet tank. If the flapper or ball valve does not seat properly and form a watertight seal, water will seep around it into the toilet bowl. This leak will frequently go unnoticed.

Q: How do I know if my toilet is leaking under tile?

Underlayment, thanks to its natural fibers, is more prone to peeling and cracking than other materials. Water may seep through hairline cracks near the base of toilets, causing them to leak. It is typically a little stream that keeps pouring onto the floor before spreading beneath the flooring in most cases.

It is important to act quickly and repair the hairline crack before the entire bathroom floor is ruined.

Q: How long do toilets usually last?

The average toilet, on average, has a lifespan of 10-15 years. The toilet can endure a lot because it is utilized so frequently.

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