A ceiling leak is anything but desirable for a homeowner, as it not only brings about water damage to the ceiling but can also result in rot, mould growth and unpleasant odours.   How Long Does it Take to Dry Out a Ceiling Leak Depending on the severity of water

What Should I Do If My Ceiling Is Leaking?

Imagine a dark stain on your ceiling, dripping water onto your furniture and the floor of your home. It is a hassle but is something we should resolve immediately because it can lead to more serious problems later on.When you notice a ceiling leak, the first thing you should do


It may be intuitive to schedule regular aircon maintenance, and perhaps even some plumbing checks, but most homeowners miss out on one thing that keeps them protected overhead – their roof. Your roof is an investment that should be maintained even if you may not encounter any problems in the

As a homeowner, you know all too well the damage that can result from water and moisture. It’s not just painful to see your hard-earned money go down the drain, it can also lead to mold growth, rot, and structural weakening of walls or foundations.   That’s why it’s so

Water damage is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Natural disasters such as flooding, hurricanes, or frozen pipes can wreak havoc on your home, but many times water damage is the result of poor waterproofing or poor maintenance. Don’t let yourself be shocked by sudden problems like uncontrolled flooding or the discovery

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